5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler is a book for anyone looking to build an out-bound sales program. The book is based on the Aaron Ross’ experience with Salesforce.com where he built a wildly successful outbound sales team from scratch. The authors take you through the process of starting a team and review the best practices that helped them create a $100 million/year outbound sales machine.

Many outbound teams are taking advantage of LinkedIn to connect with potential customers.  This puts you ahead of the game when it comes to actually connecting over the phone.  By connecting with prospects first, you put you and your company a step ahead when it comes time to connect over the phone. These 5 tips will improve your prospecting with the help of LinkedIn:LinkedIn for Predictable Revenue Growth

  1. Ask to Connect. Whether you use LinkedIn to identify “coaches and champions”, to search for and identify prospects, or to warm up your list before your first sales call, your response rates will be much better with prospects you have connected with via LinkedIn. Start a regular routine of sending connection requests to potential customers.
  2. Use LinkedIn to “Break the Bottleneck”. Using LinkedIn search tools, it is easy to identify – and connect with “coaches and champions” inside of the prospect’s company.
  3. Use LinkedIn to Search for Prospects. LinkedIn is full of great search tools. Search for companies on LinkedIn to get a list of those who currently work at a prospective company. You can narrow results by filtering down to a particular location, job description, seniority, or 17 other criteria.
  4. Warm Up your Leads with LinkedIn. If you already have a list of people to contact via outbound calls, you can use LinkedIn as an ice-breaker by sending them a “Connection Request” or an “InMail” prior to your first sales call.
  5. Search for Work History. Looking at where people worked before previously helps to identify prospective companies you didn’t know existed. These contact’s previous employers are likely in related sectors you may want to consider targeting.

Driving the right kind of traffic (ideal customers) to your LinkedIn profile can increase your credibility and improve your brand image.  In-order for this to be effective, you must first make sure your profile is a resource, not just a resume. See this infographic for help in putting together a profile that helps you sell. Once your profile is in good order, you are ready to start building your Predictable Revenue with LinkedIn connections.

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