5 LinkedIn Strategies for SNAP Selling

Wherever you turn in the sales space, everyone has heard of Jill Konrath and her sales practices. Having a high-level understanding of her best-selling book will help you quickly show your understanding of the most important component of your job: Your customers.

If you are already using SNAP Selling principles in your business, you should follow these tips to integrate the power of LinkedIn into your SNAP selling strategies:

  1. Use LinkedIn to refine your unique selling proposition (USP).  Once you have your USP fleshed out, use LinkedIn to reach out to a few potential clients for an informational interview. Let them know that you are researching a client type so that you can better formulate your product or service to serve their needs. Be very clear that you are not going to sell them With the information you glean from your LinkedIn research, as well as interviewing a few client types, (and maybe, as Jill suggests, interviewing some of your own existing clients) you will have all the information you need to refine an extremely powerful and effective USP.
  2. Use LinkedIn to map out your ideal target client profile. LinkedIn provides more than 20 search criteria.  See how your best clients self-identify on LinkedIn, and use them as a pattern to identify other similarly situated ideal target clients.
  3. Use LinkedIn to create Warm Leads. Once you have identified your ideal client profile, use LinkedIn to connect with them prior to making your first sales call.  LinkedIn connections can quickly form a huge pool of warm, qualified, target clients.
  4. Use LinkedIn to research your targets. As Jill stresses in SNAP Selling, you have to know exactly who your target client is, what their likes are, what their frustrations are, what their lives are like.  And beyond that you have to get into their heads, into their thoughts, into their needs, and then see if you are offering the right solution and using the right “pitch” when you offer the solution. Much of that information will be readily available from LinkedIn for people that you have connected with.
  5. Use LinkedIn to help at all 3 Snap Selling decision points:
  • Accessing Decision Makers. LinkedIn can help you both identify, and make some of the “20-30” touches that Jill talks about as crucial to gaining access to decision makers.
  • Initiating Change is the second decision point. Using LinkedIn you can demonstrate your value by provoking your prospects’ thinking, showing them better ways to do things.
  • Selecting the Resource (you) is the final buying decision point. By demonstrating though leadership on LinkedIn, you can help guide your prospects through the decision making process. Thought leadership will build you up as an iNvaluable asset – and a necessary part of their team.

All LinkedIn sales strategies rely on a LinkedIn profile refined for selling.  Your profile needs to be a resource, not a resume.  Before implementing these specific SNAP Selling strategies, you should read this article  and check out this infographic to make sure your LinkedIn profile supports your sales efforts.  Once your profile is in the shape, you are ready to start a systematic routine to growing your LinkedIn connections, and implement your SNAP selling strategies.


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