5 LinkedIn Strategies of Top Challenger Sale Reps

The Challenger Sale by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon is an impressive, data-based B2B best selling sales book.  Drawing from a survey of 6,000 sales reps, the authors explain what information to gather, how to present it and how to challenge prospective customers.

The Challenger Sale argues that sales is not about building relationships or discovering needs through a set of diagnostic questions. But rather sales is about teaching  prospective customer LinkedIn strategies for Challenger Sale repsssomething new that leads them to be interested in your solution.

Most successful Challenger sales reps are leveraging the resources of LinkedIn to amp up their sales using these 5 tips:

  1. Convert your Profile from a Resume to a Resource. Top Challenger reps take advantage of the visitors that they drive to their LinkedIn profiles by using that precious space to educate and inform about your products and services.  Start with this article on headlines to begin improving your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Identifying decision makers in under 3 minutes. Using LinkedIn searches you can quickly pull up information on all of the stakeholders who you need access to close the sale. Create buyer personas based on LinkedIn filters and use them with every prospective account.
  3. Use LinkedIn to connect with “Coaches” and “Champions” in addition to decision makers. Build relationships across your target companies. Make sure you connect with and nurture everyone who will be involved in the sale, not just the decision makers.
  4. Getting more client referrals to qualified buyers. The sales process isn’t over when they sign the contract. One step that often gets overlooked is asking for referrals, but identifying who your clients know on LinkedIn and proactively asking for introductions is the key to consistently building your pipeline with new opportunities.
  5. Use LinkedIn to distribute content that attracts, teaches and engages your buyers.In today’s digital world, if you are not the one providing commercial insights, getting your buyers thinking differently and positioning yourself as the subject matter expert – someone else will.

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